Shoryu DIY Kit - Piri Piri Tonkotsu Ramen, 500 g, 2 servings

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6969 reviews

Recreate our Shoryu signature ramen at home!

We know you've been missing our ramen and that's why we couldn't be more excited about our brand new DIY Shoryu Kits which are finally here to help you satisfy those ramen cravings!

The kits come with everything you need to turn yourself into a ramen master and make awesome Shoryu at home - from original hosomen noodles, 12-hour bangin' tonkotsu soup stock, all important toppings and step by step instructions, it's all in the kits. Get ready to create one hell of an authentic Shoryu experience in your own kitchen in just 10 mins. 

Each DIY Shoryu Kit contains 2 portions. Please use half the ingredients if you want to enjoy a single serving.

One Kit Contains:

  • Shoryu signature 12-hour tonkotsu soup stock
  • Original spicy sauce
  • Original ramen noodles
  • Char siu bbq pork belly
  • Beni shoga red ginger
  • Spring onion
  • Kikurage mushrooms
  • Jalapeños
  • Nitamago egg marinade
  • Nori seaweed
  • FREE Shoryu Ramen tote bag, Gudetama coaster and disposable chopsticks. Designs may be subject to change
  • 241 ramen voucher to use in any of our Shoryu Ramen bars and an exclusive free delivery over £40 promo code to use on your next shop at


Available for delivery every Wednesday and Friday, up to one month in advance. Please order 2 days before your chosen delivery date by 12pm.

After confirming your details on the Checkout page you will have the option to choose your delivery day on the Delivery Method page.


To ensure everyone can enjoy our ramen, there is a maximum order quantity of 5 kits per order (10 servings).


Postage is £7.69 with DPD using a chilled nominated day service.

All the toppings and the ramen noodles are packed in biodegradable plastic. The ice packs can be reused and the cardboard recycled. The kits are sent with DPD that aim to deliver all packages carbon neutral by offsetting emissions.

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How To Use

DIY Shoryu Kits are sent from our kitchen as special orders. You may select up to 5 Ramen or Bun Kits, combined with up to 4 DIY Cocktails and add special add-ons including Shoryu Ramen ceramic bowls. For other items, please create a separate order.

This item will be packed with cool gel and sent using a Nominated Day Delivery to keep it nice and chilled. Please store in the fridge for up to 2 days and consume by the use by date. It can be frozen on the delivery day for up to 1 month but please defrost fully before cooking.


The cooking instructions sheet is included in the box. The PDF version is also available to download.


This product contains gluten (wheat), eggsfishsoyasesame and sulphites. Please note because of the nature of our kitchens we can not guarantee that our food is free from allergens.



69 reviews
Thought we'd try this for our New Year Noodles, excellent. Only comment would be that the Jalapeno peppers would have perhaps been better if they had been preserved rather than the rather hard fresh ones, but a minor detail.\nPacking (as always) was perfect and delivery was great.\nHighly recommended if you like spicy noodles.
Delicious and easy to make. Recipe was easy to follow There was enough soup and meat to last for another day.
As per the normal product, tasty with a really good tonkotsu base. Personally I feel the Piri-piri (is it gochujang?) flavour actually distracts from the tonkotsu rather than complements but my wife loved it.
It was fantastically very good.
As good as it gets.
Delicious, everything included to make a rich, satisfying and authentic ramen.
Fantastic ramen noodles
Easy to cook. \nWould definitely have again.
Very tasty with clear instructions. Pork was so melt in yhe mouth. Generous portions\n
Present for daughter=she really enjoyed.
Top quality ramen.
Great DIY Shoryu Kit.\n\nThis isn't the first time i have ordered and it certainly wont be the last!!\n\n
The food is excellent, even if i didn't have a pan big enough for the ramen. Will definately be buying again.
Not difficult and tasted amazing
Loved it. Have recommended to many. Easy to make. Delicious to eat
Quality was brilliant and the taste exactly the same as I remember last time I was in Tokyo
Accurate description. Excellent quality
Taste was great and fun to make at home
Great quality, easy to put together, very tasty will definitely be ordering again
Good quality I would recommend it
Great quality- so easy to assemble
Super easy to make, delicious bowl of ramen - very hot hot hot, as expected :)
Too much liquid
An excellent Ramen
Easy, great quality of ingredients. It tasted incredible, simple and fun to do! Would definitely recommend.
Ramen good, but delivery and logistics a bit challenging. Also quite little meat included.
Definitely recommend this cook at home ramen, go easy on the spice but really good
The Shoryu DIY kit was easy and quick to put together. Their was more than enough for two people and the dish itself was delicious. Highly recommended!
Top quality ramen - when we can't get out for our ramen fix in lockdown, this totally does the trick. I hope this service becomes a permanent feature of the London dining scene. Packaging, freshness and overall quality of the ramen meal kit was fantastic. Definitely recommended.
Well packaged and easy to follow instructions. Very tasty tonkatsu broth.
Absolutely delicious - we’ll be ordering again
As described, taste same as in restaurant.
The ramen was amazing!
Oh my **! Our *** Kit - *** *** *** *** was incredible! I ordered it for a birthday dinner surprise and it did not disappoint. We live in West Wales so I was a little worried about ordering fresh food but, there were no problems at all. We will definitely be ordering again !
as before, super tasty, but plz make it clearer which has meat and which doesn't
Was for a friend but they were\nSo impressed. Said it was delicious easy to put together and really great value for money.
Delicious. Easy to make. Fresh.
Made the day it arrived, lovely fresh produce. With easy to follow instructions the whole family enjoyed it.
Delicious and easy to make at home. Add chilli carefully as packs a punch
Good quality but noodle is too soft
I think the spicy sauce was a bit much so we didn't use it in the end nor the jalapenos but ifyou are a chilli ** then this is the one for you.
Lovely spicy addition - the jalapeño was potent!!
Highly recommend!
Tasty broth and noodles.
An option for an extra portions of pork would be great.
Good quality. Easy to make. Not to replace in store service. Good home alternative.
So good!! So easy to use - can’t recommend enough!!
Easy to follow instructions, on first view I thought there was not a lot, but, it was really tasty and filling. Ready in less Han 20 minutes,
The closest you can get to full Ramen experience, at home. The stock is rich & deep in flavour. The extra peri hot sauce is just right, to give heat, without ** your taste buds. The extra fresh chillies are super hot, so I left them out.
Very easy to use amazing quality would defiantly order again
This was a gift for my sister who is a doctor. It went down very well and was delicious.
Sadly I've not tried it but the picture I was sent looks even better than advertised !
My girlfriend and I have missed ramen since lockdown started and when we found this we were so excited. It does not disappoint!!! It tastes just as good as the one we enjoy in London and the instruction we’re very easy to follow. We will be purchasing this again for our next lockdown date night. The only thing I would recommend is that a slightly ** portion of pork is provided or an option to add on extra is given as it was so tasty!!
Ordered the spicy Shoryu ramen kit, but it was essentially inedible because of the ridiculously hot jalapeños that were included. I've had super-hot ümmet in Japan, but never so spicy like this, overpowering every other flavour. Why not simply include some karashi-miso hat could be added according to taste? I don't recall jalapeños being offered at a ramen place in Japan myself....\nI'd still recommend you because I'm sure the ramen itself is nice.
See previous statement, mushrooms were missing. It was used to celebrate a wedding anniversary. \n\nVery good (mushrooms aside) and as described.
delicious too!
Really was a premium restaurant ramen experience at home but easy to do! Lots of washing up once everything was included (e.g. boiled egg etc.) but worth it! Very tasty. We only used half the spicy sauce so that only one of the servings was spicy and that worked fine, and it is much spicier than the normal one!
Ideal, just what is says on the tin/ no sorry the box
Wow! That was tasty! I'll be ordering more, thank you!
Tastes just like it does in the restaurant. Really simple instructions to follow
Just perfect. This was classed as spicy and boy was it hot haha but not enough to take away from the food. It was the perfect balance! So tasty ??
Delicious noodles with a slight bite, perfectly spicy, rich broth. I don't know who your jalapeno supplier is, but those are some of the nicest chillies I have ever had.
No comment
Loved it especially with the extra spice
Yes would recommend this meal\nWell put together easy to prepare
delicious. easy to prepare. try it. you wont regret it unless you dont like chilli (and you can leave the chilli out if you wish. The stock is the same as the normal ramen)
Ramen was great, but too much plastic was used. I would never order again unless the package changes. Maybe you could consider using biodegradable packages instead of plastic?