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DIY Shoryu Kit - Shoryu White Natural Ramen With Gluten Free Noodles (Vegan), 500 g,

2 servings


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11 review

Recreate our Shoryu White Natural ramen at home, gluten free style.

We know you've been missing our ramen and that's why we couldn't be more excited about our brand new DIY Shoryu Kits which are finally here to help you satisfy those ramen cravings!

The kits come with everything you need to turn yourself into a ramen master and make awesome vegan Shoryu at home - from gluten free hosomen noodles, our unique tonyu vegan broth made with soy milk, miso, konbu & shiitake mushroom, all important toppings and step by step instructions, it's all in the kits. Get ready to create one hell of an authentic Shoryu experience in your own kitchen in just 10 mins. 

Each DIY Shoryu Kit contains 2 portions. Please use half the ingredients if you want to enjoy a single serving.

One Kit Contains:

  • White Natural Soy Milk Soup Stock
  • Gluten Free ramen noodles
  • Atsuage fried tofu
  • Spring onion
  • Menma bamboo shoots
  • Kikurage mushrooms

The noodles in this kit are gluten free, but please note the soup stock and toppings are not gluten free.


You can choose your delivery day on either Wednesday or Friday of each week, up to one month in advance. For Wednesday delivery, please order before 12pm on Monday. For Friday delivery, please order before 12pm on Wednesday.

After confirming your details on the Checkout page you will have the option to choose your delivery day on the Delivery Method page.


To ensure everyone can enjoy our ramen, there is a maximum order quantity of 3 kits per order (6 servings).


Postage is £6.94 with DPD using a chilled nominated day service.

All the toppings are packed in biodegradable plastic. The ice packs can be reused and the cardboard recycled. The kits are sent with DPD that aim to deliver all packages carbon neutral by offsetting emissions.

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How To Use

As we send the DIY Shoryu Kit as a stand alone delivery, no other items can be added to the order and we are unable to change or substitute any ingredients in this kit. To order other grocery items, please place a separate online order.

This item will be packed with cool gel and sent using a Nominated Day Delivery to keep it nice and chilled. Please store in the fridge for up to 2 days and consume by the use by date. It can be frozen on the delivery day for up to 1 month but please defrost fully before cooking.


The cooking instructions sheet is included in the box. The PDF version is also available to download.


This product contains soybean, soy & wheat. Please note because of the nature of our kitchens we can not guarantee that our food is free from allergens.



1 review
Purchased for my granddaughter - first attempt at ** cooking - she found it easy to prepare,great taste and so nutritious - a real treat