Kirin Ichiban Shibori Lager Beer, 500 ml

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Beer at its purest.

Brewed using the finest, most carefully selected malt available as well as the Ichiban Shibori brewing technique (where the beer is made from a single first pressing of the ingredients), this lager is as sweet and flavoursome as they come. Be sure to drink this fine lager chilled and straight from the fridge. Brewed in the UK.

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Although sake is probably the most stereotypically Japanese of the alcohols, beer is by far the most popular alcohol actually drunk by Japanese people. Some of the world’s most acclaimed breweries are Japanese, including Asahi, Suntory and Kirin. If you are a beer drinker and want to give some of Japan’s best offerings a try, take a look at the's Beer selection.

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・Alcohol: 4.6%

Ingredients and allergens

Contains Malted Barley


7 reviews
Good Kirin
Always a great beer!
I'm a big fan of ** pale lagers, and this is one of the best of those. Taste is hard to review as everyone is different, but if you like Sapporo, *** and the like, this should suit you too.
no comment
I would definitely recommend it the quality of the product was brilliant
Great beer, and good value as this is a large bottle!