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Nestlé KitKat Mini Share Pack - Sakura Mochi, 139 g

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Enjoy a snap of sakura mochi sweetness at breaktime.

Take a quick moment to relax and bite into the flourishing flavours of Japanese spring, with Nestlé's trademark KitKat wafers enveloped in the taste of traditional sakura mochi. Inspired by the steamed bun wrapped dessert and its sugary red bean filling, these 12 mini biscuit treats come coated in a powdery, thick white chocolate that matches the creamy fluffiness of sakura mochi's manjuu outer layer. Inside, the sweet aromas of red bean and cherry tree leaves are whipped into a lusciously fragrant cream that combines with the crispy wafer layers to give these sweets a crumbly, invigorating centre.

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Japanese KitKats have crossed borders to become known to people's taste buds all over the world. With a mix of unique and ever-expanding flavours from matcha green tea to strawberry, even amongst regions of Japan there are new types of KitKat to discover, bringing the local sweet taste of Japan home. Perfect to gift or save all for yourself, we have an exciting range of national and regional KitKat flavours available in our KitKat section at japancentre.com.

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Per 100g:
• Energy: 2272kJ/543kcal
• Fat: 31.0g
• Carbohydrate: 62.9g
• Protein: 3.6g
• Salt: 0.14g


1 review
One of the best ** KitKat flavours. A favourite with my children and myself.