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  • 16005 ichibiki seasoned dengaku red miso sauce

Ichibiki Seasoned Dengaku Red Miso Sauce, 300 g

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Enrich your Japanese cooking with a squeeze of luscious miso.

The ideal cooking partner when your favourite Japanese dishes need a splash of rich, unique flavour, this dengaku red miso sauce complements hundreds of recipes with a simple squeeze of its matured, additive-free flavour. Richer in soybean content so it packs a flavoursome punch, this nutritiously thick sauce complements ingredients with a refined, savoury sweetness that wonderfully adds layers of umami depth with the addition of bonito and kelp extract. Suitable for all kinds of cooking from frying, to boiling to simply drizzling on top, you'll find it easy to create and invent new meals from breakfast to dessert, whether its miso flavoured french toast or a juicily topped miso katsu.

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Miso sauces make for a viscous addition of sweet and salty flavour to any meal. From the famous dengaku dressings used to season tofu and roasted eggplants at izakaya Japanese pubs, to the more unique dessert applications such as atop grilled yakimochi, the possibilities of miso sauces are as numerous as the many ingredients used to make them! Taking the simple miso paste to more flavoursome heights, see what you can manage with Miso in japancentre.com's selection.

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