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Miso Soup Bowl with Lid - Black Interior, Wood Effect, 110 g Low in Stock (only 2 available)


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Enjoy a warm, familiar welcome to your daily miso soup.

Served with the simple style that accompanies the most heartwarming Japanese restaurant meals, this wood effect miso soup bowl helps your daily serving feel satisfying with each sip. Coated in a rich lacquer look to make its contents feel extra toasty, this bowl features a classic rounded lid that can be removed to unveil a sleek black interior, bringing out the hearty colours and aromas of your favourite miso soup ingredients. Easy to immerse in with its light and easy-to-wash design, this bowl is a staple when it comes to comforting Japanese dining at home.

Bowl measures 10cm in diameter and 10cm in height (including lid).

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Miso soup is a vital part of Japanese diets and a staple component to most meals in Japan, often served as a side dish even during breakfast. As such, anybody committed to enjoying all components of Japanese cuisine should have a good collection of miso bowls available to put on a great authentic feast. Why not take a look at japancentre.com's Dining section and see our extensive collection?

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The lid is useful to keep food warm and for condiments