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Hoshino Seichaen Hoshi no Sarara Powdered Ryokucha Green Tea Sachets, 9 g, 18 sachets

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Stir up a sublime blend of handy green tea goodness.

A shining example of nutritious green tea refreshment stored in convenient day-to-day sachets, this green tea powder provides simple access to its naturally sublime and expertly handled flavour. Ground from tea leaves nurtured by the talented local hands of Yame, Fukoaka, this powder comes purely prepared with the region's famously abundant green tea, grown with the perfect balance of sunlight and moisture to ensure each leaf develops the finest nourishment. Rich in catechin antioxidants and a natural source of Vitamin E, this powder carries its uplifting goodness from field to sachet, allowing you to enjoy the same fresh astringency as the moment it's picked, whether you boil it with hot water or bake it into desserts and more. 

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Sencha is the most commonly-drunk tea in Japan, making up 80% of all the green tea grown there. Fresh, fragrant and with just a hint of bitterness, sencha can vary significantly in flavour depending on where the leaves have been grown and the temperature of the water used to brew it. Japancentre.com has a great range of sencha available in our Tea section. Why not try a couple and see which is your favourite?

How To Use

• For hot tea, add a teabag to a teapot and fill with hot water (between 70°C and 80°C is ideal). If you like your tea strong, stir the teabag around with a spoon so that the tea flavours diffuse more.
• For iced/bottled tea, add teabags to a bottle or jug and fill with clear water (about 500ml water for each teabag). Refrigerate for at least 2-3 hours and enjoy. Feel free to add ice for extra chill factor.

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