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Yuzen Chiyogami Origami Paper - Mini, 10 g, 20 Sheets


For fine folding and decoration of ornate origami and stationery.

When you enjoy appreciating the minuscule beauty in every craft you practice, these adorably miniature chiyogami sheets provide a level of detail that's a absolute delight to work with. A selection of high grade origami paper, silk-screened and gold flecked with vibrant kimono-inspired designs, each thin sheet can be folded or sewn into the most intricate creations, with strong fibres keeping the patterns bright no matter how they are presented. Containing 20 papers of patterned and plain sheets each, so can you practice or play around with combining different colours and texture, keep these chiyogami handy for when you need the finest origami decoration, or simply when stationery and greetings cards need a touch of Japanese detail.

Paper measures approx. 6cm in length, 6cm in width.

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Origami, the art of paper folding, is a pastime that has existed in Japan since at least the Heian period (794 – 1185 AD) and is enjoyed all over the world to this day. True origami only contains folds, though there are now many people who use glues, modelling sprays and other equipment to create smoother and more complicated designs. For a great range of origami books and paper for practitioners of all levels, take a look at Japan Centre's Origami section.

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