Wamon Retro Design Kimono Pattern Inspired Hair Scrunchie - Cherry Blossom, Blue, 10 g


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Bundle your hair in cherry blossom charm.

A brilliant blue accessory that brings attention to the cutest hair arrangements, this adorable hair scrunchie helps detail your style with sweet kimono style qualities. Made from a softly ribbed fabric that stretches to fit even large buns and ponytails, this scrunchie comes scattered with charming cherry blossom decorations that brighten up your hairstyle with a bloom of delightful white and pink shades. Perfect for any look that expresses springtime or a love of Japan, this hair accessory adds a touch of tradition to your fashion, whether it's classic or on trend. 

*Item colour and design may vary. 

Measures approx. 9cm in diameter unstretched. 

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It's a nice scrunchie, but as warned mine was different from the picture with purple and green and not cherry blossom colours.