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Tarami Amaou Strawberry Flavoured Fruit Jelly, 210 g

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Plump strawberry sweetness refreshingly packed into juicy dessert joy.

The ripe pickings of rich amaou strawberries straight from Fukuoka prefecture are exquisitely squeezed into the light, succulent refreshment of this indulgently fruity jelly pot treat. Adding every sweet drop of juice from the famous hand-picked local strawberries, this jelly's delicately supple texture oozes its bittersweet tang with gentle delight, using the pure mineral water of nearby Nagasaki to create a sumptuously uplifting consistency. Packed with crisp nata de coco chunks so each spoonful comes with a pleasantly sweet contrast, this jelly dessert gives you indulgently guilt-free satisfaction when you feel the need to snack.

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Fruit filled jelly cups such as these are a favourite in Japan's many convenience stores, with their refreshingly sweet and smooth texture offering an instant light alternative to more indulgent sweets and desserts. Often enriched with yoghurt, tofu, agar and other nutritious ingredients to ensure there's maximum goodness for even the fussiest eater to satisfyingly enjoy, these appealing treats introduce people to many ways you can enjoy real fruit. Discover what nutritious benefits you can find in our decadent, guilt-free Dessert section at japancentre.com.

Item Detail


Per 100g:
• Energy: 302kJ/72.38kcal
• Fat: 0.05g
• Carbohydrate: 18.14g
• Protein: 0.5g
• Salt: 0.1g