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Inzta Heat Air Activated Self-Heating Adhesive Pads, 400 g


Instant heat accessible from your pocket or bag.

Combat cold weather or bad chills with the compact heat packed into these convenient heat pads. Air-sealed so they activate within 20 minutes of opening, each pad comes with an adhesive film that can easily be attached inside and between layers of clothing, providing up to 12 hours of comforting warmth to keep you toasty throughout the day. Cosily sized so they can be carried or stored anywhere you wish, this pack of 10 handy pads offer instant sensational relief from the frostiest of shivers.

Patch measures approx. 13cm in width, 9.5cm in height.

ITEM ID: #15790


Winter proves to be surprisingly cold even in the south of Japan, so they've made providing quick wamrth wonderfully accessible and convenient. From specialist clothing to quilted kotatsu tables there's lots of ways to keep cosy, but nothing comes as popularly handy as Japanese heat packs. Often known as "kairo" in Japan, these compact, instant heat packs come air-locked and even attachable to skin and clothing, heating up fast to help you stay toasty on even the coldest of days.

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