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Shoyeido Frog Shaped Incense Burner, 120 g Low in Stock (only 2 available)

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A relaxing pond dweller to present your most calming incense.

Refresh the atmosphere and connect with the scents of nature, by burning your incense in this adorable frog-shaped incense burner. Crafted with charming ceramic detail and carefully hand-painted, this smooth, bright-eyed frog sits glazed upon its leaf-shaped tray, able to hold incense sticks and cones inside with its included incense holder. Open-mouthed with holes on its back so it can gently release smoke and surround the room in soothing aromas, this frog is small enough that it can easily find a cosy spot to sit and release fresh fragrances whenever you need. Give life to a room with unraveling aromas, smoke patterns and colours.

Burner measures approx. 8cm in height, 8cm in width, 6.5cm in depth.

  • Tray measures 9cm in length, 10cm in width, 1.5cm in height.
  • Incense holder measures 2.2cm in width, 2cm in length, 0.5cm in height. 
Incense sold separately.

ITEM ID: #15773


Incense is widely used in Japan, particularly within shrines, temples, and other places that have religious practices. The calming and fragrant scents experienced in such places also make ideal and unique fragrances for enjoying at home. Take a look at Japan Centre's Japan Fan section for more incense and other exciting items that celebrate Japanese culture.

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