Shoyeido Incense Tray - White, 160 g Low in Stock (only 3 available)


Enjoy a rich variety of incense smells with sheer simplicity.

Perfectly convenient for when you need a place to immerse yourself in incense aromas and delights, this square ceramic tray provides a safe, compact haven for incense sticks and cones to gently burn away. Wide and angled on each side to comfortably collect any incense residue, this tray comes in a simple shape that's easy to clean and can slot away easy onto a table or into a drawer, so it can be ready to serve up the most sensational scents and atmosphere just when it's needed.

Measures approx. 10cm in length and width, and 1.5cm in height. 

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Incense is widely used in Japan, particularly within shrines, temples, and other places that perform religious practices. The calming and fragrant scents experienced in such places also make ideal and unique fragrances for enjoying at home. Take a look at Japan Centre's Japan Fan section for other exciting items that celebrate aspects of Japanese culture.

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