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Hyogensha Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion in the Snow Greeting Card, 12 g

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Send a special message with the rare glimpse of Kinkakuji temple in glorious white snow cover.

A glimmer of Kinkakuji golden pavilion under a blanket of brilliantly pure, white snow is as fleetingly momentary and gorgeous, as the brief yet beautiful, seasonal message this magnificent greetings card can deliver. Featuring Japan's most famous Buddhist temple under the tranquility of freshly fallen snow, this watercolour print card uses peaceful details to perfect its special scene, embossing the fluffy snow to add a touch of quality to its cosy presentation. Completed with a white Japanese washi paper insert delicately decorated with its own cherry blossom design, this card offers heartwarming greetings at even the coldest of times.

Card measures approx. 17.5cm in length, 11.5cm in width. Envelope included.

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When asked to name important aspects of Japanese culture, one aspect that escapes most people's minds is paper. Everybody knows about origami, of course, but Japan's fascination with paper art also includes paper lanterns, paper fans, and a staggering variety of elegant and unique greeting cards. For a thrilling range of Japanese greeting cards and other stationery items, take a look at Japan Centre's Japanese Cards & Stationery section.

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