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Hyogensha Mizuhiki Traditional Japanese Design Greeting Card, 10 g


Fold your personal message to someone in washi paper finesse.

Make sending a subtle yet special greeting an art of delicate elegance, with the expert Japanese paper craft expressed in this traditional mizuhiki greetings card. Made from a high-quality, textured washi paper with swooping silver curves, this beautiful card is bound by a folded noshi origami border with gold print detail to match the simple yet stylish folded fan decoration. Featuring a folded gold card held by the ancient art of stiff Mizuhiki paper cord, this embellishment flaunts the careful time put into crafting a truly heartfelt and important message.

Measures approx. 14cm in length, and 9.5cm in width. Comes with envelope. 

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When asked to name important aspects of Japanese culture, one aspect that escapes most people's minds is paper. Everybody knows about origami, of course, but Japan's fascination with paper art also includes paper lanterns, paper fans, and a staggering variety of elegant and unique greeting cards. For a thrilling range of Japanese greeting cards and other stationery items, take a look at Japan Centre's Japanese Cards & Stationery section. 

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