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Hyogensha Wooden Chopsticks - Lucky Cat, Dark Brown Lacquered, 20 g

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Welcome in the wonder of each mouthful of fine Japanese food.

With the sturdy elegance of these lacquered and decorated wooden chopsticks, you'll be more than inviting to sample and savour the full flavour and variety of Japanese dining. Coated in a sleek dark brown to stylishly await you at the dinner table, these chopsticks come with a charmingly friendly maneki neko lucky cat design, to encourage tasty mouthfuls and a sharp grip, when it comes to the most mouthwatering meals. With textured ends to stop any morsel from sadly slipping away, you'll be eating bountifully and basking in the qualities of rich Japanese cooking.

Hand wash only. Do not soak in water. Chopsticks measure approx. 23cm long. 

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