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DHC Olive Virgin Oil Crystal Skin Essence, 50 ml


4 / 5

11 review

A nourishing serum from Japanese beauty brand DHC. 

This sparkling serum nourishes with flor de aceite (flower of virgin olive oil), the essence of organic oil captured from its first crush before the olives are pressed. Antioxidants from organic olives protect skin, fight free radicals and help prevent visible signs of ageing. Shimmering crystal effect is created by emulsion of oil and water-based essences. Absorbs quickly into the skin as a potent pre-moisturizer booster. 

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Established in Tokyo, DHC has been creating some of the world's most innovative beauty products since 1980. Their brand expertly showcases a complementary relationship between science and nature, utilising natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to have exceptional healing and rejuvenating properties. Take a look at japancentre.com's Beauty section for a great range of DHC items.

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1 review
I tried it once (hense only four starts), I'm currently finishing off another serum before I start using this one daily. First impression is that it's a lovely consistancy. I look forward to adding it to my routine.