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Best Before Date: 13-01-2020

Sakata Beika Mairasu Wasabi and Mayonnaise Flavoured Rice Crackers, 30 g

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Humble rice snacks that present the richest flavours of Japan.

Honour Japan's finest local tastes of wasabi and mayonnaise with these thin Mairasu rice crackers baked to crisp, exquisite quality. Made from the specialty rice of nearby Shonai, Yamagata, these crackers pack years of hand-crafted experience into their natural and unique flavour, enhanced by the fresh and fiery addition of Azumino wasabi powder and creamy Japanese mayonnaise. Boldly seasoned and carefully cooked into the most satisfying, slight crunch, these light discs surprise by snapping into a tingling, peppery heat that is soothed by the addition of melt-in-the mouth mayonnaise for a mouthwatering savoury kick.

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Japanese traditional senbei snacks are made from rice and are widely popular to share at picnics and festivals, with various different flavours and shapes on offer. Senbei rice crackers in particular, are recognisable by their puffy round appearance that allows them to carry light but unique tastes to discover. As a part of Japanese tradition dating back to Edo period, they have delighted many to become a staple of Japanese snacking culture. Take a look at our Rice Cracker selection at japancentre.com and see if there's any you would like to try. 

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Per 100g:
• Energy: 1761kJ/421kcal
• Fat: 6.7g
• Carbohydrate: 81.7g
• Protein: 8.0g
• Salt: 2.33g