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Best Before Date: 31-12-2019

Lucky Cat Lover's Sweet and Toy Set, 112 g

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The purrfect package for a lucky cat lover!

This charming gift set is simply too adorable for cat fans not to lap up! A lucky bag of cat-themed treats presents the cutest invitation with its maneki neko design, unfurling to reveal a colourful selection of chewy, fun confectionery. From squishable toe bean Senjakuame candy, to fruity gumballs galore, the candy comes so sweetly packaged you'll be thrilled to get your paws on it, as Helly Kitty offers a delightful hand with rock-paper-scissors fun! Completed with a cuddly choice of cat plush to keep in close company, share this set with a friend you love to pester with endless cat-like affection!
*Brands and items may differ depending on stock.

This set includes 5 items:

1x Senjakuame Paw Shaped Grape And Orange Gummy Candy (80g)
1x Sanrio Hello Kitty Rock Paper Scissors Toy with Gumballs (8g)
1x Sanrio Hello Kitty Orange Flavoured Bubble Gum (24g)
1x Mini Cat Soft Toy (20g) - Colour and Design may vary
1x Lucky Cat Gift Bag 

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