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Sanrio Greetings Hello Kitty Great Wave Off Kanagawa Ukiyoe Pop Up Greeting Card, 15 g


A stunning wave of warm wishes arrives in subtly beautiful card form.

Deliver a swell of cultural new years greetings with the artistic charm of this pop-up Sanrio greeting card. Inspired by the striking ukiyoe art of Katsushika Hokusai and his iconic "Great Wave off Kanagawa", this card adds a dose of Sanrio mascot cuteness to the bold and beautiful landscape design, allowing the modern and historic to clash and create a gorgeous 3-D wave diorama. Decorated with gold textured print to add depth to each card detail, this card is perfect to shower Japan lovers with endearing, timeless affection.

Cards measures 16.5cm x 11.5cm. Inside base is blank.

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With a long history of elaborate and clever art design, its no surprise Japan's greetings card creations are something beautiful to behold. From intricate and embossed detailing of traditional art, to carefully cut and pieced together 3D folding dioramas, Japanese cards have access to a rich hub of culture from which to be inspired. Add a charming, unique touch to you sending of good wishes with our wonderful Card selection at japancentre.com.