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Sanrio Greetings Hello Kitty Multi-Purpose Greeting Card - Squirrel & Phone, 25 g Low in Stock (only 5 available)

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Send a special someone a cute message of choice.

When a message needs be delivered with just that extra sweet, personal touch, Hello Kitty's on call to help with this simple and stylish card. Decorated with the cosily cute Sanrio mascot on the phone to her favourite friends, she'll be sure to deliver your message too with a choice of polka-dot speech bubble cards to attach to the front of the card. Optional free space on the front and inside means you can personalise this card however you please! Your friends will be sure to know your best wishes with the curious squirrel, Rorry listening in!

Card measures 16cm x 11cm. Customisable messages and sticky tab included for birthday, thank you, congratulations, and blank. Comes with a red gingham check bordered envelope.

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With a long history of elaborate and clever art design, its no surprise Japan's greetings card creations are something beautiful to behold. From intricate and embossed detailing of traditional art, to carefully cut and pieced together 3D folding dioramas, Japanese cards have access to a rich hub of culture from which to be inspired. Add a charming, unique touch to you sending of good wishes with our wonderful Card selection at japancentre.com.