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  • 15523  glico caplico wafer cone share pack   halloween edition

Glico Caplico Wafer Cone Share Pack - Halloween Edition, 87 g Low in Stock (only 1 available)

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A chillingly cute take on these never-melting ice cream cone treats.

For Halloween treats that bubble with fluffy chocolate cream filling, these Caplico ice cream cone wafers will leave you floating with delight! Puffed up with tangy strawberry, creamy vanilla or rich chocolate flavoured quasi-chocolate, each crispy cone crumbles away with a dreamy, uplifting taste that captivates all ages with the phantasmal charm of each cutely packaged piece. Complete with a hidden milk chocolate centre to savour to the last bite, these sweets come high in calcium and magnesium to share wholesome confectionery fun.

Share pack contains 10 randomly inserted wafers.

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