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Sanrio Hello Kitty Training Chopsticks with Holder for Kids, 15 g


Step up chopstick skills with the charming aid of Sanrio.

For children finding it hard to get to grips with chopsticks, Hello Kitty is here to aid with this practical chopstick set and holder! Marked with the natural positions to perfect your right-hand finger placement, each chopstick slots into a flexible silicon holder that adorned with Sanrio's much-loved mascot, allows you to smoothly practice the opening and closing movements in your hand. Adjustable to meet different hand sizes and grips, these training chopsticks mean children can work their way up to chopstick only success, learning the skill with the fun and lovable kind of teaching only Hello Kitty can deliver. Safe to sterilise and clean in the dishwasher.

Measures approx. 16.5cm in length. 

ITEM ID: #15504


Eating with chopsticks can be a hard skill to learn (much like learning to eat with a knife and fork!), but with the right tools and enough practice, it does not have to be hard to master!  Take a look at the different incarnations of learner’s chopsticks japancentre.com has available.