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Karuizawa Brewery The Karuizawa Beer- Black, 350 ml

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Delivery to UK and EU only. May require ID check before dispatch.

A clear black beer with a light body. 

The deep brown coloured black beer has delicious notes of roasted sugar and dark fruit, with some hints of wood. Mildly sweet and with mild aromas as well, this is a a nice beer to enjoy and experience the beauty and gifts of nature from Karuizawa. 

*Glass and food shown only to display colour and appearance. Glass is not included. 

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Karuizawa Brewery is located near Nagano. Just a two-hour drive from Tokyo. Known for it's lush landscape and natural beauty, the area is located at the foothills of Asamayama mountain. The brewery uses the melt water from the mountain to provide a clean and rich taste to its brews. 

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Alcohol: 5.0%