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Ushijima Premium Hojicha Roasted Green Tea, 200 g

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5 / 5

77 reviews

For the very best in hojicha, look no further! This premium quality roasted green tea, or hojicha, has a clear, light reddish-brown tint and a roasted, slightly sweet fragrance and flavour. Delicious hot or cold, we recommend you enjoy this tea with a traditional Japanese meal.

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Hojicha is one of the most regularly consumed teas in Japan. The leaves for hojicha tea are made by roasting regular sencha and bancha leaves until they turn brown. The roasting eliminates the bitterness found in some other green teas, leaving behind a smokiness and sweetness. To try out some amazing hojicha, take a look at Japan Centre's Tea section.

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7 reviews
One of the best Hojicha I have tried and it in my top 3.
My staple houjicha tea
First time I have tried this tea and love it.
Drink any time, high quality, delicious
This tea is unbelievably delicious. I can't recommend it highly enough
Love, love Hogicha after tasting in Sakata-Shi, Yamagata, not keen on Green tea but live this roasted green tea
Grown to love green tea as I've matured. I find Hojicha a nice, well balanced one I'd be happy to order again