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  • 15412  mikakuto purple and sweet potato crisps

Mikakuto Purple and Sweet Potato Crisps, 55 g

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A sweet combination of snacking crisps full of flavour and fibre.

Mix up snack time with a choice of straightforward ingredients cooked to their finest, in this combined bag of sweet potato and purple sweet potato crisps. Containing delicately cut and fried slices of both kinds of potato, you can alternate between the sweeter and snappier crunch of the regular sweet potato and the more natural tasting light crispness of the purple sweet potato. Only lightly sugared to draw out their individual qualities and umami texture, these luxuriously made snacks are a gentle and flavoursome sweet, with all the fibre and vitamins to avoid you feeling guilty about such an enjoyable treat.

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Creators of memorable advertising campaigns for the most exciting gummies and candies across Japan, Mikakuto is the natural home for fruity and fun confectionery & snacks. Known for the hundreds of Puccho and Shigekix flavours and the recent playful treat of Sakeru Gumi, Mikakuto brings your everything from the most refreshingly sweet treats, to tangy sour tastes that'll leave you with a craving taste for more! With the aim to make food that's fulfilling for your well-being and your tastes buds, check out our flavoursome range at japancentre.com from the marvelous minds of Mikakuto.

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Per 100g:
• Energy: 1992kJ/476kcal
• Fat: 20.18g
• Carbohydrate: 74.36g
• Protein: 2g
• Salt: 0.04g

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2 reviews
So thick and lovely! Very interesting taste, on the sweet side, really loved these
Really crunchy and tasty