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Japan Centre Frozen Thinly Sliced Chuck Roll Beef, 200 g

Frozen Goods orders cannot be combined with other products. Delivery to England, Wales and Parts of Scotland only. Delivery available only on Fridays. Must be ordered in advance. Cut off time for the current week's delivery is Mondays at noon 12:00pm.

Premium butcher's cuts, frozen at delivery.

The only meat for authentic Japanese cooking and donabe one pot meals, our vacuum-packed selection of frozen butcher's cuts is sure to deliver smiles all-round the dinner table. Our cuts of chuck roll beef are  perfect for sukiyaki or other thinly sliced meat dishes. 

Thickness of cut approx. 1.5mm for sukiyaki and shabu shabu.

*Weights may vary per package. 

ITEM ID: #15355


Delivered frozen to your door, our frozen meat range is a must-have for anyone looking to create authentic Japanese meals from home. Sukiyakishabu-shabu and yakiniku hot pots are just the start. These high-quality beef chuck roll cuts can lend their rich, meaty flavour to western stews or barbecue grills. 

How To Use

Due to the frozen packaging required for this product, delivery charges and frozen packaging charges are charged based on the weight of frozen items. Each box may arrive at different times on the selected delivery date as per courier schedules and sorting if multiple boxes are ordered. Not available for collection.

This product will be packed with dry ice. Please take care when opening boxes as some dry ice may remain. Do not handle with bare hands, and follow all safety instructions accompanying the box. Do not consume or play with any remaining dry ice, and follow disposal instructions. Boxes should arrive frozen on delivery. Once received, place meat into freezer for later consumption, or allow to defrost and consume within 24 hours. For frozen meat, please consume within 3 months of the cutting date as indicated on the package.

Due to production and preparation times, cut off time for the current week's delivery is Mondays at noon 12:00pm. Orders placed after this time will be available for delivery 1 week after at the earliest.

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