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  • 15327  yuraku black thunder matcha and azuki red bean cookie bar

Yuraku Black Thunder Matcha And Azuki Red Bean Cookie Bar, 21 g

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Full of matcha and azuki red bean flavour.

Indulge in true chocolate decadence with this new flavour of Yuraku's beloved Black Thunder chocolate cookie bar. Combining Uji matcha green tea flavour and azuki red beans grown in Hokkaido, this tempting biscuit bar is Japanese flavour sensation that is as much fun to eat and it is to say- Black Thunder!

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There are few pleasures in life more absolute than that of a satisfying biscuit, and the residents of Japan understand that fact as well as anybody else. From lightly crispy langue du chat biscuits to rich shortbread cookies to cream-filled sandwich biscuits, Japan has a lot of biscuits to offer and Japan Centre Online has an amazing range in our Biscuits section.

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Per 100g:
• Energy: 2265kJ/541kcal
• Fat: 30.42g
• Carbohydrate: 61.67g
• Protein: 5.42g
• Salt: 0.42g

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