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Suzuki Shofudo Kyoto Square Paper Plate - Yuzen Design, 20 g


A perfect paper plate to present your favourite Japanese things.

Serve delicious sweets and display dainty jewelry with the delicate elegance of this decorative paper plate. Made from high-grade paper produced in Kyoto prefecture , these plates are pressed together and treated with a water repellent to ensure their quality card texture stays durable enough to admire. The ideal size to neatly place a variety of Japanese teas & treats or even small vases and accessories, this coaster-shaped plate can adorn any desk or surface with its traditional yuzen design associated with the beautifully intricate flower details found silk woven into the finest kimonos.

Measures approx 11cm square.

ITEM ID: #15294

How To Use

Do not wash. If stained or dirtied, wipe down with a damp cloth or paper towel.

Item Detail