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Hakutsuru Shuzo Umeshu Plum Wine, 750 ml

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A rich plum wine that wrings out only the finest flavour.

Made using only the most succulent plums hand-picked from the Kishu region of Wakayama, Hakutsuru Shuzo ensures their traditional pickling and fermentation process squeezes the most potential out of each fruit into their original plum wine. With a full-bodied aroma and illustrious amber colour, this wine shows off how easily it is to savour, expanding the bold and juicy taste extracted from each plum into a refreshing and sour sensation in the mouth that hits just the right level of satisfying sweetness. Perfect to open or close a meal, this plum wine works well with other astringent tastes and mixes well in cocktails to give spirits a more pleasing kick. 

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A versatile alcoholic drink enjoyed across Japan for its sweet, sour taste, umeshu plum wine is increasing in popularity worldwide for its fruity and refreshing body that stays light enough to enjoy with all manner of food. Made by steeping plum fruits just before they ripen in alcohol and sugar, the mixture manages to extract the juicy goodness from each plum and allows it to enrich itself with the beautiful amber colour it is known for. Often sold with the plum fruits still inside to help the flavour mature and expand further, this wine is not only wonderful on its own at warm, cold and room temperatures but is also ideal to cut with water, ice and tonic or mix with rum and gin for more complex and exciting cocktails. Make sure to check out our rich range of umeshu plum wine at japancentre.com and see what much-loved tipple has got everyone talking.  

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• Alcohol Content: 12.5%