Creighton's Chocolaterie Super Kawaii Chocolate Bar, 100 g

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Treat yourself to curiously fun Japan-inspired chocolate.

How better to add the sweetest touch to your occasional chocolate treat than with the fragrant tastes and textures of Japan's most fun food and drink? Made with Creighton's lovingly crafted white chocolate, this chocolate bar has been charmingly infused with the bittersweet tang of matcha and strawberry! Welcoming you with an adorably kawaii pastel packaging complete with rainbows and kittens, this chocolate is just as cute at delivering bold matcha and juicy strawberry flavour, in an extra creamy, soothing blend of satisfying white chocolate. The perfect colourful gift for someone who couldn't resist a treat this sweet.

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Creightons Chocolaterie is a British company founded by a Mother/Daughter partnership in 2011 known for clever and exciting handmade chocolates that are heavily inspired by various modern-day pop culture including the latest trends from Japan! At we carry a fun selection of their curiously flavoured chocolates, transporting you to Japan through the cutest, creamiest ways possible. A unique taste for you or a special treat for your friends, check out our selection.

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