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Sanrio Hello Kitty Bento Lunch Box with Clips - London Design, Blue, 150 g Low in Stock (only 4 available)

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Take the most charming bento lunches on safe travels anywhere.

When you bring together any delicious or delightful lunchtime meal, why not ensure it's cutely packed for the freshest, fun discoveries, aboard this charming compact bento with Hello Kitty & Family? With easy-to-grip side locks and an overlapping lid, this stylishly, clever bento box keeps all the food tightly sealed, so it maintains a perfect presentation with the aid of a sweet inner container and a tall, sturdy divider to neatly separate rice or side dishes. Decorated with the famous red double decker bus of London, this bento is made to be wonderfully durable and convenient on its journeys, protecting its adorable Sanrio passengers and contents in a practical container, microwaveable without lid. 

Holds approx. 360 ml. Measures approx 14.8cm in length, 12.3cm in width, 5.6cm in height. Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe without lid. 

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