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JA Hyogo Rokko Artisanal Kobe Produced Hokushin Miso, 500 g

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Rich, additive-free miso, made from quality Kobe rice and soybeans.

Known as one of the finest farming regions due to its access to nutritious soil, spring water and wonderful weather, the Hokushin region in Kobe makes itself the perfect place to create naturally flavoursome miso. Using only local rice and soybeans nurtured to the highest standard, the all female team at JA Hyogo uses their careful agricultural experience to produce this vitamin and mineral rich miso by hand, ensuring they use traditional techniques and flavouring for a bolder and healthier taste that truly reflects the mountainous region. The perfect thick and authentic ingredient to switch into your staple miso broths and sauces for a true experience of Kobe's best cuisine, treat yourself to special artisan quality of this gorgeous miso. 

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Miso paste is a staple ingredient in Japanese cooking made by fermenting soy beans, alongside other possible ingredients such as barley or rice, with koji, an edible fungus that can grow on rice that is also known as "rice malt". Miso can hold a variety of flavours and textures from sweet and smooth to savoury depending on the ingredients used and the fermentation time, but this makes it great to experiment with in a variety of Japanese dishes. If you are looking to explore the wide world of miso, the Miso section at japancentre.com is a good place to start.

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Per 100g:
• Energy: 769kJ/184kcal
• Fat: 3g
• Carbohydrate: 30.4g
• Protein: 8.8g
• Salt: 10.4g