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Rokko Beer Susanoo IPA Beer, 330 ml

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A light, full-bodied IPA that erupts with fruity flavours.

Much like the stormy god this beer is named after, Rokko Beer's Susanoo IPA delivers thrilling sensations and a strong character with it's full-on citrus flavour and speciality Kobe craft. By using their own unique grinders to mix and squeeze the maximum beer wort from their different malt ingredients, Rokko Beer creates a fresh and lively fermenting base through which their citrus hops can permeate wonderful tropical fruit tones and aromas. Allowing it to coolly and cleanly ferment with the aid of Mount Rokko's local mineral-rich water, this beer only requires gentle filtering for a smooth yet fruit-packed taste that leaves a refreshing bitterness after each sip. Drawing out the quality of each ingredient at it's freshest, this beer not only brings fantastic flavour but also a rich helping of vitamin B and antioxidants, to form a truly divine beverage.  

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Japan is among the top countries to truly appreciate its own beer culture, with izakaya pubs across Japan pouring pint after pint of a golden range of beer, much to the delight of Japanese office workers after a hard day's work. Breweries in Japan strive to make refreshing and rich beers for whatever your preference, constantly developing new flavours and new brewing methods to increase the ways you can enjoy this much-loved beverage. If it's can or bottle you prefer, we have a wonderful mixture of both here at japancentre.com in our brilliant Beer section to combine with salty and spicy Japanese snacks for a true taste of Japan.

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Alcohol: 6.5%