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Japan Centre Vegan Mini Atsuage Fried Tofu, 300 g

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The foxes' favourite tofu. 

Atsuage- a thicker variant of abura age- is deep fried tofu that is long held to be the favourite food of kitsune or foxes in Japan. Made by frying tofu slices in vegetable oil, these thick and fluffy slices are great at soaking up flavours as well as providing some added bite and chewiness to many Japanese dishes. Try them in miso soup, udon, or even sliced in a stir fry. 

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Soybeans remain such a vital and healthy point to Japanese cooking, that Sojhappy looks to deliver their delicious wonders to the modern food needs of Europe. Founded in Spain in 1986, Masamiki Takazumi provided the knowledge and experience to grow yellow soybeans naturally in their ideal environment, paving the way for authentic Japanese tofu and more to be made and transported across the western world. Since then, Sojhappy has taken to growing various organic and nutritious ingredients with the aim or providing vegetarian food, both high in protein and fibre, as a delicious way to discover the health secrets to some of Japan's finest food. Developing ideas from traditional and modern cooking, check out our selection of chilled Sojhappy goods at and find your favourite way to truly enjoy healthy eating.

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