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Paper to make magical metallic creations.

From the delicate art of folding paper into complex shapes through origami, to using vibrantly designed paper in various decorative crafts, this chiyogami origami paper offers a sleek and minimalist way to enjoy the rich versatility of such Japanese paper hobbies. With 24 separate square sheets per pack, each handmade sheet of thin washi paper has been carefully layered on one side with a textured metallic surface that reflects light elegantly, adding dynamic beauty to origami folds and a gorgeous finish to detailed scrapbook collages and home-made greeting cards. Made durable yet flexible, to be sewn, cut and manipulated, these gold chiyogami sheets are to a fantastic size for making bold hanging decorations, photo frames and washi egg details, giving any crafty idea you have a stylish quality.  

Contains 24 sheets. Origami paper measures 122mm x 122mm.

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The art of folding paper into intricate designs, known as Origami, has remained an iconic cultural image of Japan for over a thousand years and to this day it remains a popular and thoroughly enjoyed pastime for all ages. With thousands of intricate tutorials and classes available in both Japan and beyond, it's easy now for anyone to pick up a simple practice kit and start learning, so why not browse our selection of Origami paper and tutorial books at and add a new creative, colourful edge to your Japanese interests. 

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This origami paper looks great. It is for a gift.
Great quality, thank you!