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Kikkoman Fermented Roasted Sesame Tsuyu Soup Base and Dipping Sauce, 400 ml

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Fully enhance the taste and texture of your favourite foods.

If you're after the most rich and riveting Japanese flavours to complement your typical dining, this sesame soup base is a wonderfully versatile place to begin. More that just a simple dressing or soup ingredient, this base blends freshly ground roasted sesame with 3 other kinds of darker roasted sesame pastes to create a complex and unravelling taste that, combined with Kikkoman's own fermented dashi stock, uses various bonito, soybean and soya umami essence to create a truly sumptuous and enriching sauce. Perfectly paired with everything from simple and plain noodles, to fresh salads and elaborate nabe hot-pots, whether you already love sesame or want to discover this popular Japanese ingredients, you'll be sure to make a new cooking discovery with this soup base. 

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Since 1917, Kikkoman has been home of the many prominent and irresistible sauces that have shaped the flavours and formation of modern Japanese cooking. From the unmistakable taste of their globally loved soy sauce, to the more specialist condiments and soup stocks that complement and complete both bold and light tasting dishes, their aim is to ensure a fulfilling and flavoursome experience of Japan's best ingredients and create versatile staples that meet people's ever-changing eating habits. Whether you're after authentic ways to finish off traditionally proven recipes or want to see how you can develop your own unique combination of tastes, check out the delicious variety of Kikkoman creations at japancentre.com. 

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