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Showa Tempura Flour with Egg, 320 g

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A simple and versatile flour mix for making some brilliant batters.

In Japanese cuisine, there's so many things to try out frying in tempura batter it's helpful to have a practical yet authentic tempura flour like this at the ready. Pre-mixed with egg, all this flour needs is a gentle whisk or stir with water to create a small and somewhat lumpy mixture that is perfect for a light and crunchy coating when fried. Using iced or sparkling water, you can keep the batter at a healthy thinness, with the flour carrying all the flavour needed to add that much-loved Japanese touch to your favourite ingredients. As an all-round mixture, this flour makes for a handy cooking staple, able to form the base for okonomiyaki pancakes, other fried foods and even cake baking, with a helpful dose of baking powder included.

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Enjoyed by everyone as a meal on its own and even as accompaniment to many popular and timeless dishes in Japan, Tempura is a style of food that will forever remain a vital and versatile aspect of Japanese cooking. Made often by frying all manner of seafood and vegetables in a lightly whisked and chilled batter mixture, careful handling to keep the batter both lumpy and cold with iced and even sparkling water, allows it to produce that delicately light crunch that keeps fried foods flavoursome yet healthier each time. With specialist tempura flour developed to provide everyone with the perfectly balanced mixture to leave their tempura bubbling away nicely, find such staple mixtures at in our Flour & Panko section.

How To Use

Prepare your oil and heat until 160-180°C. We recommend using a thermometer to ensure proper temperature. Combine 100g tempura flour and 160ml ice cold water in a bowl. Mix together. Add various small vegetables or meat as you like. Ensure they are evenly coated. Then slowly add to the preheated oil and fry until crispy. Remove from the oil with chopsticks or other heat resistant utensil. Drain on paper towels, and enjoy. 

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Ingredients and allergens

Wheat Flour, Starch, Egg Yolk Powder, Sodium Bicarbonate.


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