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Nestlé KitKat Mini Share Pack - Sakura Cherry Blossom Japanese Sake, 139 g, 12 mini pieces

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Recreate the elegant sweetness of Japanese spring at breaktime.

The genuine amazement of Japanese springtime is a rich yet fleeting emotion that few get to truly feel outside its brief occurrence, so why not bring a taste of it straight home with these wonderful limited edition sakura cherry blossom Japanese sake Kitkat minis? Packaged both completely and individually in a subtly beautiful manner, each mini piece opens with an authentic sakura fragrance that allures you into the gentle unwinding essence of fruity Japanese sake. Taking a bite, the aromatic, bittersweet tang of the sakura cream, sandwiched between Kitkat's trademark wafer layers, instantly transports your senses to a delightfully floral atmosphere, drawing out the unmistakable sensation of crisp Japanese sake within the white chocolate coating, for a soothing, expanding flavour that recreates the uplifting experience of spring in Japan. Absolutely ideal for picnics or as your own rewarding treat, discover a sweet that authentically reflects the charm of Japan. 

*Contains alcohol, not suitable for children or those unable to cope with alcohol. 

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Japanese KitKats have crossed borders to become known to people's taste buds all over the world. With a mix of unique and ever-expanding flavours from matcha green tea to strawberry, even amongst regions of Japan there are new types of KitKat to discover, bringing the local sweet taste of Japan home. Perfect to gift or save all for yourself, we have an exciting range of national and regional KitKat flavours available in our KitKat section at japancentre.com.

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