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  • 15051  itoen vivit's kyo yuzu citrus mix soda sparkling drink

Itoen Vivit's Kyo Yuzu Citrus Mix Soda Sparkling Drink, 450 g

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Invigorate yourself with a bubbling fruitiness in every sip.

With Vivit's Kyo Yuzu Citrus Mix Soda take a break from hectic daily life to send your tastebuds on a refreshing sweet journey to discover of one of Japan's finest, local specialties through this light carbonated drink. Made with real fruit juices and puree from the naturally grown yuzu citrus found in Kyoto region, Itoen takes pride in delivering you an unmistakable Japanese taste and fragrance on-the-go with this zesty and uplifting citrus fruit. By using the combined fruit juice and puree to give this carbonated drink its cloudy appearance, you can gently twist this bottle around before drinking to really let it fizz with flavour!

Made with 10% real yuzu citrus juice. 

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In Japan, sodas and soft drinks (or ‘ciders’, as they are often known in Japanese) are just as popular as they are in Western countries. With huge varieties available in vending machines and convenience stores across the country, Japanese soft drinks can be refreshing treats that provide flavours and benefits beyond what is found in the UK! We at japancentre.com have a fabulous selection of soft drinks, so take a peek and see what's in store!

Item Detail


Per 100ml::
• Energy: 142kJ/34kcal
• Protein: 0g
• Fat: 0g
• Carbohydrate: 8.7g
• Salt: 0.05g