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  • 1500 pearl ace sugar

Maruha Pearl Ace White Sugar, 1 Kg

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One of Japan's most trusted sugar brands.

If you are going to cook Japanese sweets, you might as well do it properly with Maruha's Pearl Ace white sugar. One of Japan's most widely recognised sugar brands, Pearl Ace sugar is a fine, soft sugar that dissolves quickly and is ideal for using in any dish needing a touch of sweetness, including teriyaki chicken or azuki paste.

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Japanese cooking relies on a number of staples; ingredients that are needed in a wide range of classic Japanese dishes. These include soy sauce (for adding savoury/umami flavour), mirin rice wine (for sweetness and flavour depth), vinegar (for adding acidity and using in pickling), and panko breadcrumbs (for coating meats or vegetables in preparation for deep-frying). If you are needing to stock up on your staples, take a look in japancentre.com's vast Cupboard Staples section.

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White Sugar.