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  • 14970 bushido the samurai code of japan

Bushido The Samurai Code of Japan, 305 g


Slice your way through learning the way of the samurai.

In honour of scholar Inazo Nitobe and his masterful know-how of samurai, this translation of Nitobe's influential guide delves into each of the seven precepts of Bushido ("the way of the samurai") in Japanese culture, exploring their unique values that have formed the foundations of their stand-out way of life. The revered educator, one of Japan's most famous Quakers, shows his passion to bridge the gap between cultures, delivering knowledge in this book to help you understand what connected samurai with other honorable warriors in the world yet also what set them apart with philosophy, morals and ethics. This is an essential guide for anyone looking to discover how samurai have shaped and continue to carve their mark in Japanese tradition.

Written by Inazo Nitobe. Translation, Introduction and Additional Notes by Alexander Bennett. Hardback.

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