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  • 14969  wooden chopsticks with red and white yae sakura cherry blossom pattern

Wooden Chopsticks with Red and White Yae Sakura Cherry Blossom Pattern, 20 g

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Add a handy dose of sparkling springtime to your dining with these gorgeous chopsticks.

Made from natural wood and tipped with a bold and glittering, wine red coating on the handle, these chopsticks have a standout and rich appearance that brings out the intricate beauty of their yae sakura cherry blossom pattern. Yae sakura, known for always blooming as a pair, make a perfect decoration for chopsticks, providing a bright and vibrant spring-feel to blossom on the dining table every mealtime. Made to be washed and dried easily in the dishwasher, these are ideal, comfortable to hold household utensils that make dining with a grace and detail part of daily life.

Chopsticks measure 21cm in length. Dishwasher friendly.

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When it comes to Japanese cuisine, chopsticks are the key eating and cooking utensils for most meals, with different lengths and shapes made specifically for different purposes . Long chopsticks (over 30cm long) are specialised for cooking, whilst standard chopsticks (around 20-23cm) are versatile enough to eat all manner of meals. There are even shorter chopsticks that can come in cases, making them convenient and easy to store with bento to eat on-the-go. Whatever your chopstick needs, take a look at japancentre.com's Chopsticks & Cutlery range.

How To Use

- When hand-washing, wash and clean with a gentle cloth.
- Do not leave in water for too long.
- Do not bring into contact with fire, or place/leave near a fire source.
- Avoid leaving under direct sunlight.

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