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  • 14966 yamadai new touch kakiage tempura soba noodles

Yamadai New Touch Kakiage Tempura Soba Noodles, 116 g

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Stew up a rich and deliciously easy meal fast!

Made by Yamadai New Touch, acknowledged for the many regional and local tastes they have successfully brought both conveniently and healthily to the Instant noodle lifestyle, these kakiage tempura soba noodles keep up a promise of making the satisfaction of a traditional hearty meal convenient for those living the hectic lifestyle of modern day. Using flavoursome non-fried buckwheat soba perfect for soaking up the deep bonito broth, you can enjoy a nutritious dish that doesn't compromise on either taste or a good dietary lifestyle. Rounding off the noodles nicely, this comes topped with a crispy kakiage tempura, mixed with a combination of seafood and vegetables

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Instant noodles have been at the forefront of supplying great quick and convenient meals to Japan's busy, hardworking lifestyle since 1958. From simple ramen to popular regional dishes, all kinds of instant noodles have arisen to help people eat well for good value, needing only hot water to prepare! Soba is a well-loved buckwheat noodle choice for both traditionally rich and quick meals, known taking in full flavours quickly from dips and broths whilst also making one of the most scrumptious street food dishes, yakisoba! This makes them ideal for the Instant noodle treatment, bringing together exciting and flavourful food on-the-go so why not see our Instant Soba selection at japancentre.com and see what you would like to try?

How To Use

• Remove lid and take out soup and garnish sachets.
• Sprinkle contents of garnish sachet over noodles and fill cup to inner line with boiling water. Replace lid and leave for 4 minutes.
• After 5 minutes, peel back lid entirely, loosen noodles and add soup sachet. Stir through and enjoy.

Item Detail


Per 100g:
• Energy: 1516kJ/362kcal
• Fat: 13g
(of which Saturates: 6g)
• Carbohydrate: 50.9g
(of which Sugars: 4g)
• Protein: 10.4g
• Salt: 6.38g

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1 review
All tasty and good apart from the dried prawn