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  • 14945 mirai movie novelisation by mamoru hosoda

Mirai Movie Novelisation by Mamoru Hosoda, 275 g

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A heartwarming novel of the award-winning animated film by Mamoru Hosoda.

Kun is a 4 year old boy disgruntled by the arrival of his new baby sister, encountering his first complex and fascinating feelings of fighting for his parents love and accepting a new addition to the family. Feeling forgotten, he escapes through the garden into a mystical time-travelling portal, where he encounters his younger sister, suddenly grown-up into a young teenager. Together, they explore timelines and adventures throughout their family history and future, gaining new light on the love-hate relationship of siblings. Mirai is a story deeply inspired by Hosoda's own children and close sibling bonds, unfolding a magical but thoroughly relatable tale of the trials and tribulations brothers and sisters face throughout the years.

Translated into English by Winifred Bird. Hardback.

ISBN: 9781975328610

ITEM ID: #14945


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