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  • 14916 three tier bento lunch box for serving   black and red  nandina pattern

Three Tier Bento Lunch Box For Serving - Black and Red, Nandina Pattern, 1 Kg

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Serve top tier recipes for an ideal Japanese picnic with this gorgeous bento.

In lovely traditional, muted black and red colours, this is certainly a bento that takes the centrepiece of a meal. With three spacious tiers, this bento is perfect for offering a variety of vibrant, nourishing dishes to suit everyone's individual tastes or just to make a fantastic sharing feast. It serves up all manner of charm no matter the season, with the adorning nandina bamboo pattern helping to carry the rich and warm authenticity of Japanese cuisine to any mealtime. Lightweight and easy to pack, this makes beautiful presentation possible even when out and about.

Bento box measures approx. 20cm in length, 20cm in width, 20cm in height (including lid) when all three tiers are assembled. Belts not included.

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Japanese Bento consist of lots more than the simple comparison to packed lunches elsewhere, considered important and convenient meals to enjoy anywhere or thoroughly savour, with astounding creativity and emotion put into some Bento creations. From adorable little bento boxes school children enjoy for lunch every day to the colourful gourmet meals elegantly presented in multi-tiered boxes, bento accounts for a large portion of both tradition and innovation in Japanese cuisine. Discover more about the wide world of bento by taking a look at japancentre.com's Bento section.

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