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  • 14909 ceramic teacup with lid   beige  turtle shell pattern

Ceramic Teacup with Lid - Beige, Turtle Shell Pattern, 160 g Low in Stock (only 5 available)



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For a relaxing Japanese tea experience.

With a meticulously hand-painted umber turtle shell pattern, this homely little teacup is perfect for those important times spent unwinding over tea. After carefully pouring out your latest tea blend, place the rounded lid over your cup to let the flavours and aromas become enriched in the heat. The white colour of the cup really brings out the various hues available in tea and makes it a fabulous choice to cherish the vivid colour of a rich matcha. This cup is also suitable for making chawanmushi egg custard.

Cup measures approx. 6cm in diameter, 8cm in height including lid.

Due to their hand-painted nature, item design may slightly vary.

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Japanese cuisine is a feast for both the eyes and stomach, making cooking and presentation a vibrant and eye-opening part of the nation's culture. This practice is especially true when it comes to appreciating the wide variety of sake and traditional teas available in Japan, resulting in the creation of a wide variety of artistic and practical cups to enjoy these wonderful drinks. Whether you require a set of bottles and cups for you and your friends to immerse each other in sake culture or simply your own intricate tea cup to complete your love for matcha, japancentre.com offers a lovely selection in our Dining section.

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