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  • 14898 1 myojo kitsune udon
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14898 1 myojo kitsune udon 14898 2 myojo kitsune udon

Myojo Kitsune Udon with Fried Tofu - Large Size, 110 g

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Be sly like a fox and make a hearty meal with convenience! 

Known as the fox's "favourite food" the moreish piece of fried tofu that sits upon a bed of supple udon noodles soaked in a rich broth, makes Kitsune Udon a fantastically simple but fulfilling traditional meal. Here Myojo brings us it's own wonderful creation of the classic dish, using a full-of-flavour bonito stock that permeates throughout the softness of both the udon and the tofu, to make it a great meal solution for a quick authentic taste of Japan or even as a plentiful staple base to build a larger meal around. The bigger size and better value of this udon also make it a great option to stock up on.

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Instant noodles have been at the forefront of supplying great quick and convenient meals to Japan's busy, hardworking lifestyle since 1958. From simple ramen to popular regional dishes, all kinds of instant noodles have arisen to help people eat well for good value, needing only hot water to prepare! Udon are soft plump noodles made from wheat flour that are great for absorbing rich and deep flavours in broths, thus making them popular in new and versatile dishes! Even amongst our Instant Udon selection at japancentre.com there are a wide variety of traditional and modern udon meals to discover.

How To Use

Open and remove powdered soup packet from bowl. Tear open and add soup packet to dried noodles. Add boiling water to the fill line. Wait 5 minutes. Stir to untangle noodles, and enjoy. 

Item Detail


Per 100g:
• Energy: 1881kJ/450kcal
• Fat: 19.2g
• Carbohydrate: 59.3g
• Protein: 10.1g
• Salt: 5.64g