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  • 14788 kanzuri fermented chili and yuzu paste

Kanzuri Fermented Chilli and Yuzu Paste, 70 g

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Snow-aged umami seasoning.

Give your meals a fresh burst of rich umami flavour with this Niigata speciality Kanzuri fermented chilli and yuzu paste. Great in soups, ramen, stews and brushed over grilled meats like Japanese yakitori chicken, this seasoning has been made by ageing chilli the unique Niigata way, in snow, for 3 years, then mixed in barrels with koji, yuzu citrus rind and salt.

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A very hot chilli and yuzu combo spice. I used only a tiny half teaspoon basted over two chicken thighs before baking. Very nice. The yuzu comes through the chilli and was very pleasing.