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  • 14647 sapporo pink grapefruit flavoured plum wine cocktail

Sapporo Pink Grapefruit Flavoured Plum Wine Cocktail, 350 ml

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Gorgeously sweet and fruity.

Quench your thirst on a tropical drink with an exciting Japanese fruit twist with this can of pink grapefruit and plum wine cocktail. A smooth and easy-to-drink vodka-based cocktail, this drink combines the sourness of ume plums with the rich sweetness of pink grapefruit into one refreshingly fruity tipple.

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Japan has a long history of brewing beer which started in the 17th century by Dutch traders brewing beer for the sailors. Since the late 1980’s there has been a huge increase in dry beer which has a very refreshing flavour. Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in Japan and a perfect match with Japanese snacks!

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Alcohol Content: 3%